Thursday, August 2, 2012

Medical Health Improves with Living Environment

Urban Planning Exhibition Hall_008
One thing that isn't all that funny in our country is our horrendous obesity rates. We wouldn't have to worry about spending as much on our healthcare costs, and medical manufacturing companies would be able to focus on solutions to other medical problems besides obesity. What if in the future all of our neighborhoods were set up, designed, laid out and planned all in a way to specifically drive us to exercise, stay in shape, and be more active? If your neighborhood were set up that way now, do you think you’d exercise more? Would it be easier to convince yourself? I say yes, and apparently, so do the urban planners who are trying to make this dream a reality.
From lining streets with trees, adding speed bumps to make it safer for bikers, to even adding zoning laws that push people to walk to work rather than drive, all of these things are going to come together in what the article calls a “marriage” of urban planning and public health. Those behind the plan think it could help to effectively end our nation’s obesity epidemic.
Head over and read all about this new idea; it’s one of the most exciting and promising things I’ve read in a while, and I think it really could work. More than that, it shows that we’re TRYING…people are trying to figure it out and make a difference. That’s why I love working for a gym; by designing and producing top-of-the-line hydraulic resistance equipment we are enabling more people in more areas to try to get into good shape, drop extra dangerous pounds, and reduce their risk for disease. Can’t beat that.

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