Monday, April 2, 2012

Dumming Doun Tennissea

By now, I know that my readers recognize that I am a man who supports tradition. Yes Sir. (Or Ma'am.) The old ways are the best ways. (Except for no medical care, unstoppable epidemics, racism and sexism of course...unless they are rooted in tradition. Then I'm all for them.)

That's why I'm giving a tip of my Resistol cowboy hat to the great State of Tennessee (Motto: It's easier to spell than Mississippi.) for holding the line and not bowing to the pressures of certain - let us say - undesirables who might consider applying for state employment.

Tennessee, a State who's high school graduates consistently average in the bottom third of all States on the ACT College entrance examinations, has wisely decided not to allow home school graduates to take any State jobs that require a high school diploma.

Well Done Tennessee!

The reason for this is perfectly understandable. Since the State doesn't set the educational criteria for home schoolers, then obviously the State doesn't know if the home schoolers meet the same rigorous standards that apply to the State run schools! Case closed! Home schoolers won't be pulling the wool over the eyes of Tennessean officials. Any wool-pulling will be self-inflicted.

Of course, the usual piss and moaners will be certain to point out that since The State of Tennessee doesn't require a minimum grade point average for graduation, they really don't have any idea how proficient any given State high school graduate is.

Other whining nay-sayers will say nay by pointing out that home schooled kids in Tennessee kick the s**t (a nod to Cathouse Teri) out of the government school kids when it comes to everything but joint rolling and banana-condom installation.

But let's face it. Those 'D' average Tennessean graduates will need jobs too and private industry selfishly requires it's employees to be able to chew gum and make saliva at the same time. Fortunately, it appears that Tennessee State government jobs do not require actual electro-chemical nerve transmissions.

I mean, who says that a fire-fighter has to be smart, educated, or even sane? But, the thing he MUST have is a diploma from the State.

"It's almost as much fun as starting 'em Dude!"

And how important is being able to spell your name without a cheat card? A solid values system and a work ethic may be common to home schoolers, but of what use are attributes like these to police officers or day care workers?

"I'm on a nail break."

So congratulations Tennessee.

Even if you won't accept the best qualified applicants, at least you'll have the satisfaction of knowing your new hires won't be siphoned off by the private sector. And you'll be less likely to have employees concerned about corruption or malfeasance. They probably won't be able to spell, or define, either of those words.

Have a sweet weekend O my faithful readers! But if you run into any Tennessee government employees, speak slowly and use little words. Oh, and if you are feeling generous, you might give a click here at to help me get back up the ladder. Thanks!

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