Monday, April 23, 2012

Patch Adams Medical Humor

Film poster for Patch Adams (film) - Copyright...
Film poster for Patch Adams (film) - Copyright 1998,Universal Pictures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of my favorite Robin Williams movies from the 90s is the 1998 comedy "Patch Adams". Based on a true story, Robin Williams portrays a first year medical student who understands from his own history that one of the most powerful and effective medicines that any patient can receive is laughter and humor, however his nontraditional means and methods do not go over well with his teachers and instructors. They believe that doctors should never make emotional bonds with their patients as it can damage their emotions and motivation over the course of time.
Although received poorly by critics, the film was a huge success and grossed over twice the budget they used to make the movie. Unfortunately, the real Patch Adams did not think highly of the film, and criticized Williams for not portraying an accurate picture of the person he was. He argued that many parts of the film were cut out just to make more money, and many of the props and scenery of the hospital were not in the least bit accurate. Maybe if they had used real real equipment like surgical screws and other real medical equipment instead of balloons and fake noses Mr. Adams would not have been so upset.

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