Monday, November 5, 2012

Being Environmental with Food

Food Not Bombs flyer
Thought about giving up eating meat for the sake of saving the poor animals? The thought is good. But is it already too hard to clean up your plate before you leave the table?

You don't need environmental consultants like these guys to tell you all the buzzwords like “Think green”, “eco-friendly food”, “organic food”, “natural food” that are all fluttering in the air and are becoming louder and louder year after year. You certainly wouldn't want to fall behind the trend. But again, how realistic is it for you to eat raw food just because they save the poor planet some energy? Not so achievable.

Plus, why do you have to be so hard on yourself if there are already many other things you can do to be the same socially responsible? Even your Halloween can be “greened”. Or even, for the popcorn bag you are holding on to now, neerg has an eco-friendly food substitution for you. Now you can be just as great a hero to the environment as you want yourself to be. Also never suspect the taste of those natural foods; because they taste just as good as the normal snacks do.

Not so sure about your choices? You will be surprised how many different kinds of snacks that are made from organic food and natural food. You just have not yet discovered them all! It will be very helpful for you to check what’s available on some green shop like neerg.

Let me introduce some of the best to you first. So if you are looking for things like granola for breakfast, or afternoon snacks like dry vanilla pears, sunflower seeds, kaia is the brand that you don’t want to miss. Ingredients forkaia are all organic food which includes organic bananas, oranges and goji berries. Don’t forget the 479? though. Not only are their ingredients natural food, but also they have a wide range of bold flavors for their popcorns – from ginger sesame caramel, to black truffle, coconut curry plus cashew.

There are also numerous kinds of organic honeys you can get from Rare Hawaiian that you should check out if you need some healthy sweetness.  And you can also find very healthy drinks like the Light Acai Juice which uses the highest quality Acai pulp to deliver the same amount of antioxidants, but with 50% less sugar and 50% fewer calories!

Other organic food include fruits produced in-season and locally grown; juicy berries and melons are great natural food “snacks” during hot summer times; celery and carrots are great for veggie lovers as snacks. Thirsty? Remember to buy the healthy drinks that are not individually packaged. You will find more healthy drinks on neerg also.