Monday, September 23, 2013

Are Brain Surgeons Really Smarter Than The Rest Of Us?

Raven's Progressive Matrices Example
We have all grown up hearing the phrase "its not brain surgery" referring to something less than the ultimate thought-task. Are brain surgeons really all that smarter than the rest of us?

If a dishwasher had the right training couldn't he do brain surgery? Would a brain surgeon be able to run your Hobart instead of defaulting to the clavicle out of confused frustration?

I think I would much rather take my chances in the dish room with the surgeon at the end of the day, but I think I would also allow the dish man his degree upon completion. I do believe both would be up to the job. Often what we have come to believe is intelligence is based upon IQ or intelligence quotient scoring. New studies in IQ scoring has proven that we might all be able to be brain surgeons, and our IQ will even grow as we do so. No more should you think you might not be smart enough based on an IQ test. Get smarter. Raise Your IQ.