Monday, August 5, 2013

Why A Ford Focus Is A Smart Used Car Purchase

The average American buys 9.4 cars in their lifetime according to research by Polk. This number dropped from the previous average of 13 prior to the most recent recession. Obviously, people are being a little more cautious with their expenditures and this would seem to have extended to automotive purchases. So while there are many decision making factors in deciding which car to purchase, overall value is an increasing priority. Enter the Ford Focus.

Ford's resurgence in the automotive market has been well documented the past several years, but the reverie surrounding the brand doesn't seem to extend to some of the less sexy models like the Ford Focus. The Focus, however, deserves some attention in its own right and buyers in the used car market should take notice.

Focus on cost savings

For a compact sedan, you'll be hard pressed to find a model that gets better gas mileage. Depending on which model you purchase, the Focus can get up to 40 miles per gallon on the highway and 28 in the city. On top of the obvious savings in gas, the car is one of Ford's most produced models, so finding a deal on one is remarkably easy. Shopping online at a site like will provide plenty of options within your local area (and you can be very particular about price there as well). But even if you just want to shop at your local dealership, the cost of a Focus tends to be lower as the prevalence of the model motivates dealerships to move them often at discounted prices.An additional value point of the Focus is its reliability. If you purchase a Ford extended warranty there's additional piece of mind, but even then you're likely to run into less problems than you would in comparable cars.

Focus on safety

On top of the cost savings of choosing a Focus, the car is also one of the safest in its class. The standard focus comes with airbags for the driver and passenger, while many models also have additional side and curtain air bags to provide additional safety for all occupants. Another standard feature that increases the safety factor is traction control. If you live in a climate with inclement weather, traction control can be a life saver.

Focus on style

As mentioned above, the Focus is ubiquitous. So with a huge number of these cars on the road, and with a large assortment of models and styles, you can be fairly particular about selecting your style of trim. Some of Ford's greatest improvements with their cars the past few years has been the interiors, and the Focus is no exception. So if you're looking for a souped up interior with high tech features, you can find that in a Focus as well. As far as external styling, there are several options here as well including a hatchback model. No matter which internal or external features you're looking for, it's likely you can find it in a Focus.

While there's a nearly limitless selection of automotive options for buyers these days, it's understandable how difficult a purchase can be. But if a value is what your after, it's hard to go wrong with the Ford Focus.