Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Real Estate Cheviot Hills by Southern California Realtor JR

Lanterns (Photo credit: buck82)

Cheviot Hills California is next to the finest fun spots located in West Los Angeles! Cheviot Hills real estate is right around the corner from Beverly Hills real estate CA! It's a hot location because it's next to big celebrity country clubs, including the Hillcrest Country Club and the Rancho Park Golf Course. There's also major studio attractions. Culver City next door houses Sony Studios and a slew of production companies. Fox Studios is right there and the shopping... oh, never mind, cause I already mentioned it was next to Beverly Hills, but then again there's also the Westside Pavilion which you'll love. The Apple Pan is right across the street which used to be one of my favorite restaurants. Don't be annoyed with UCLA being right next door. The Bruins are hardly mentioned on most of the other popular sites regarding Cheviot Hills in Los Angeles, I already checked. Maybe UCLA would reach major attraction status if it weren't for that other school fight on :). Cheviot Hills is also just minutes away and Santa Monica beach which cannot EVER!! be forgotten because everyone LOVES IT is another adjoining city. There are plenty of homes with lovely outdoor lighting, condos and multi family income properties to choose from in Cheviot Hills CA so call me to get the latest and greatest best offer on homes for sale in Cheviot Hills California.

Knowledge of Cheviot Hills and Rancho Park and making your dreams and goals turn into reality is what I specialize in as your California real estateagent in Cheviot Hills, CA. When you are ready to sell or buy a beautifulnew home in Cheviot Hills make sure you drop a line to your Cheviot Hills Real Estate Agent, JR Middlebrook.

I can also help you find immaculately new condos Cheviot Hills townhomes, remodeled homes, or Cheviot Hills land for sale to build your own newhouse in Cheviothills for your family, business or investment.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting the Right Gifts for the Holidays

water flowing 4
I often feel like Scrooge when this subject comes up (and not the part at the end when he starts handing out free turkeys and the like). As much as I hate saying it, this needs to be said.
Each year the holidays bring out the best in most of us. Some of us are generous to a fault and give lavish gifts to one another. Although I find no fault in the sentiment, I would be negligent if I didn’t say “don’t go into debt to do it”.

The holidays should not be about creating debt. Yet, despite that comment, millions of people charge up hundreds or thousands of dollars that they will not be able to pay off when the bill arrives. Some view this as the time of year where they deserve a break or reward. However, the damage can reach far beyond the holidays. For some, they will spend the better part of next year still paying for items they purchased this year. Of course, because of this debt, it will affect next year as well (having less money for day-to-day living expenses or savings).

If you are still in the process of paying off debt, I would respectfully suggest that one of the best “gifts” you can have this holiday is not creating more debt. Talk to your family members. Make this the year you want to “get ahead”. Draw names so each member of the family only has to buy one gift. Set limits – and stick to them. One great idea to stick to a budget is for everyone to get Amazon e Gift cards with a fixed amount, and then have everyone buy what they want for each other. Or, just find other low cost items or activities that everyone will enjoy – after all, it is family that matters most not things.

If you have been reading the Xvest e-letters along with my book entitled Winning the Cash Flow War, and implementing the strategies, then you are making progress. Now, just stay the course and soon you will realize a whole new realm of financial freedom!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Being Environmental with Food

Food Not Bombs flyer
Thought about giving up eating meat for the sake of saving the poor animals? The thought is good. But is it already too hard to clean up your plate before you leave the table?

You don't need environmental consultants like these guys to tell you all the buzzwords like “Think green”, “eco-friendly food”, “organic food”, “natural food” that are all fluttering in the air and are becoming louder and louder year after year. You certainly wouldn't want to fall behind the trend. But again, how realistic is it for you to eat raw food just because they save the poor planet some energy? Not so achievable.

Plus, why do you have to be so hard on yourself if there are already many other things you can do to be the same socially responsible? Even your Halloween can be “greened”. Or even, for the popcorn bag you are holding on to now, neerg has an eco-friendly food substitution for you. Now you can be just as great a hero to the environment as you want yourself to be. Also never suspect the taste of those natural foods; because they taste just as good as the normal snacks do.

Not so sure about your choices? You will be surprised how many different kinds of snacks that are made from organic food and natural food. You just have not yet discovered them all! It will be very helpful for you to check what’s available on some green shop like neerg.

Let me introduce some of the best to you first. So if you are looking for things like granola for breakfast, or afternoon snacks like dry vanilla pears, sunflower seeds, kaia is the brand that you don’t want to miss. Ingredients forkaia are all organic food which includes organic bananas, oranges and goji berries. Don’t forget the 479? though. Not only are their ingredients natural food, but also they have a wide range of bold flavors for their popcorns – from ginger sesame caramel, to black truffle, coconut curry plus cashew.

There are also numerous kinds of organic honeys you can get from Rare Hawaiian that you should check out if you need some healthy sweetness.  And you can also find very healthy drinks like the Light Acai Juice which uses the highest quality Acai pulp to deliver the same amount of antioxidants, but with 50% less sugar and 50% fewer calories!

Other organic food include fruits produced in-season and locally grown; juicy berries and melons are great natural food “snacks” during hot summer times; celery and carrots are great for veggie lovers as snacks. Thirsty? Remember to buy the healthy drinks that are not individually packaged. You will find more healthy drinks on neerg also.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Why does a soak in a hot tub make you feel good?

The benefits of hydrotherapy have been known for centuries. With the introduction of spas, or hydrotherapy tubs, Americans rediscovered that great feeling. But what makes hydrotherapy relieve so many ailments?

Two hundred years ago, a doctor in Bath, England (of all places) recorded the effects of warm water immersion, or hydrotherapy, on a man named James Crewk who suffered from jaundice, palsy, rheumatism, and back pain. Crewk was a drunk with a bad heart. The records show that when he was immersed in warm water, the swelling in his legs was reduced and he excreted more fluid than he drank.

Oddly enough, there is not much documented on water immersion and hydrotherapy. However, in the early years of America's manned space program, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) became concerned about astronauts because of the illness and dizziness they suffered during relatively short periods in space. A loss of salt and minerals (electrolytes) can cause this condition. Warm water immersion (soaking in a hydrotherapy tub) was selected for the NASA experiments, because people weigh only 10 percent of their body weight in water, and that was as close as they could come to simulating the weightlessness of space on earth.

They discovered that hormones triggered the electrolyte changes. By allowing the astronauts to soak in a hydrotherapy tub, NASA found a means to control hormones. This work was helpful in discovering how hydrotherapy can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

 Hydrotherapy Can:

  • REDUCE STRESS LEVELS - The general massaging hydrotherapy action increases circulation, relieves tension, and accelerates physical and emotional healing.
  • SOOTHE MUSCLE & JOINT PAIN - During hydrotherapy, the body becomes buoyant, reducing body weight by as much as 90%, reducing pressure on joints and muscles.
  • Today, a soak in a hydrotherapy tub, or spa, can help relieve stress, muscle aches, and minor arthritis pain as well as a number of other health problems. Best of all hydrotherapy can help you relax and forget the stresses of the day.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Physician Jobs are Right for You

A few professions come to mind when thinking about absolute necessity. Firefighters, police officers, and teachers are all examples of professions that are vital to society. Such professions as these are considered extremely important. But one understated profession that is absolutely, without a doubt, integral to our survival is that of the physician profession. Can you imagine the average person attempting to undertake the daunting task of helping out another person's health without the proper training? With this question in mind, it is easy to understand why there is such a need for physicians. Therefore, why not consider physician jobs for your professional future? You can find physician jobs from search sites like where they post open positions online. This profession promises a fulfilling career and a future of constant necessity and appreciation.

Physician jobs encompass more than simply showing up at somebody’s house at three in the morning to answer an emergency call. Physicians play a much more important role. They install bathroom systems in manufactured buildings, for example. They have to decipher blueprints to ensure they are doing their jobs correctly and are providing certain physician systems over others. Physicians know how to diagnose dangerous and deadly conditions with very little symptoms, having to use complex materials such as bone screws, surgical instruments, and other medical equipment to complete their tasks. They have to be knowledgeable with such equipment like surgical devices and medical procedures, even if they don't use them in a daily basis.

One example of how being a doctor can fulfill a promising future is the tasks a physician does that cannot be completed by a person without proper training, such as training for a general surgery position. Selecting the right surgical methods can be potentially catastrophic without a trained and experienced physician at hand. These instances can elevate a physician to hero status. The simple necessity of a physician can also allow the profession to be a lucrative business.  Being a profession that not everybody can do, a physician has plenty of room to make a lot of money. These are only a few examples of why becoming a physician can be the right professional decision for you!

There is a lot that goes into being a physician and that is why physician jobs are such a great career choice. It is an extremely rewarding occupation and it is no easy feat to become a physician. From design, to equipment, to technique, there is nothing simple about being a physician. But, with the proper training, being a physician can provide a fulfilling and promising future.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Making Candles at Home

DIY Personalized Candle Lights
DIY Personalized Candle Lights (Photo credit: eelke dekker)

In comparison to regular candles, gel candles slowly attracting enthusiastic attention the candle and fans. In general, these candles are very similar to other types of candles. However, the materials used are different, and they are actually better for the environment. To make gel candles, it is important that you know the nature of the material. Unlike wax candles, these candles are made of mineral oil and a bit high percentage of polymer resin.

In addition, Gel wax is classified into three states of the density is low, medium and high. Density is often described as the state in which the wax gel can accommodate or tolerate the oil level. For example, the higher the density, the greater the amount of oil you can use. However, this can lead to an excess of gel candles, which in turn are more difficult melt and pour.

The same steps also recommended if you want to make gel candles to improve your home. First you must prepare the material that is freezing up, fuse, container, oils, perfumes or dyes. Secondly, melting the gel with a water bath or multi-cuisine. There is little difference when it comes to using the water bath equipment fusion. However, other fans prefer to use the multi-cuisine, as the gel can be placed directly on the inside and wait for this to melt.

Third place, while the merger of gel, it is important to avoid using wooden spoons or agitation. To avoid gel candles bubbles appear at the end. tools of choice is made of plastic or metal agitators. Furthermore, it is better to buy a thermometer to determine the exact amount of the melting temperature, while the gel.
Fourthly, to make gel candles, you have to think fast and pleasant colors. You can always start with white, blue, yellow or green. The use of a liquid dye it deems appropriate in gel candles, because it is easier to incorporate into the mixture of melted gel. Fifth, the addition of a perfume or scent of your choice is also a step likely since it improve the quality of gel candles. Finally, it is imperative to cool the candle after pouring the batter into the prepared pans or containers. Suggested time varies, but the important thing is to ensure that the mixture has completely resolved.

To make gel candles is really easy. There are so many ways to work if you are committed to learning skills. You can start by asking close friends or colleagues. Think of those who are really in the business of the candles. Anyway, what will help you learn to develop their interest and passion for what is considered the art of making candles.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Parasite

My friend Dan mentioned “Shivers,” an old Cronenburg horror flick on sexually-transmitted, libido-stimulating parasites in his journal today… Which made me think about parasites in general and their wild and wacky life cycles.

Okay, so most parasites are pretty straightforward. Animal ingests eggs, eggs hatch into parasites, parasites lay eggs, animals defecate, rinse, wash, repeat. Some are a bit more complex: blood-sucking insect with stage A parasite bites animal, injects parasite into blood, parasite morphs into Stage B, has sex, replicates, etc, etc, is picked up by blood-sucking insect during biting, morphs back into stage A in insect, etc.
Some, however, do exactly what Cronenburg’s film suggests - they have a humongous impact on the behavior of their host. One makes its rodent hosts stupid and visually impaired, so they’re more likely to be eaten by a more desirable host - a cat. But my favorite (and I suspect the darling of the parasitic world in many respects) is the lancet fluke.

The lancet fluke, Dicrocoelium dendriticum isn’t really a human problem, because we don’t graze. It’s a serious problem for sheep, however. Without getting into the great chicken-egg, debate, I’ll start the life cycle with the egg of the parasite, which is defecated onto the grass by infected sheep. The eggs are like extra protein for certain terrestrial snails, who gobble them up. Inside the snail, the eggs hatch, and the parasite goes through an intermediate larval stage called a miracidium, and then becomes a more stable, ball-shaped form called a cercariae. The cercariae, to the snail, are like grains of sand to an oyster - very, very irritating. So the snail does what we would all do, if we were snails, which is to bundle it up in mucus and secrete it in the waste all snails leave behind - yes, that shiny, sticky trail on your garden path may well contain little balls of potential ovine infection.

But this is where it starts to get really cool. Turns out, these little parasite slime balls are the equivalent of candy to ants (my textbook calls them “gastronomic prizes”). There may even be ants who stalk snails hoping they’ll excrete cercariae, though I haven’t heard of any. At any rate, the ants grab, fight over, and consume these little balls as fast as possible. Then the plot thickens. The cercariae turn mobile and move into the “brain” of the ant (ants don’t really have brains - they have subesophageal ganglions, but whatever. In a head that small, who needs a brain?).

Somehow, mysteriously, the presence of parasites in ant brains makes the ants a little nuts, perhaps a little Don Quixote-style in their philosophy. They decide that the best thing in the world is to form a traveling acrobatic company. Now, having a limited repertoire (no clown school for ants), they only have one option, apparently. The infected ants crawl up blades of grass and dangle from the tips by their mandibles. A typical conversation might look like this:

non-parasitized ant, looking up: “Barry! What the hell are you doing up there?”
Barry, who has a parasite: “mmphmmmphh mhhpmm” (translation: Oh, nothing, just hanging out.”)
N.P.A.: “Why on earth would you want to do that? You’re an ant! We like to work!”
Barry: “mmphmmtmymph mmphhpermmph” (I don’t know, it seemed like a good idea at the time)
This behavior is not just weird, it’s temporally controlled. Ants only do this at dusk or early morning, the favorite time for many grazers to knosh on a bit of bedtime or breakfast greenery. So hanging ants get nibbled up along with the grass, and BLAMMO! The parasite has a new home in the sheep of its dreams. It turns into the adult fluke, crawls up the bile duct, lays eggs, and the whole thing starts again.
Now, this is just bizarre. I mean, why would the lancet fluke have any reason to do this? It could be like lots of other flukes and just happily go from egg to snail to larva on grass to sheep. Or it could be super-simple and just go from egg to adult to egg. But no…. at some point the lancet fluke must’ve been given a book on “how to be an evil overlord” or something along those lines, because it came up with the most pointless, complex, fascinatingly silly life cycle ever. “Muahahaha,” it said, rubbing its little membranous hand-like bits together, “I shall eenvade zee brainz of antz! And zen! I shall make zem crazee! And zey shall commeet zueecide een zee jaws of sheep! Muahahahaha!”

Makes you wonder what more successful and more subtle bugs do, doesn’t it? I mean, sneezing when sick may be a good way of ejecting extra mucus, but it’s also a great way for spreading colds - so is it to the virus’s best interest to make us sneeze more? Are we just pawns of our plagues?

Awesome post, but don't know who wrote it, if you know, let me know... you know?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Medical Health Improves with Living Environment

Urban Planning Exhibition Hall_008
One thing that isn't all that funny in our country is our horrendous obesity rates. We wouldn't have to worry about spending as much on our healthcare costs, and medical manufacturing companies would be able to focus on solutions to other medical problems besides obesity. What if in the future all of our neighborhoods were set up, designed, laid out and planned all in a way to specifically drive us to exercise, stay in shape, and be more active? If your neighborhood were set up that way now, do you think you’d exercise more? Would it be easier to convince yourself? I say yes, and apparently, so do the urban planners who are trying to make this dream a reality.
From lining streets with trees, adding speed bumps to make it safer for bikers, to even adding zoning laws that push people to walk to work rather than drive, all of these things are going to come together in what the article calls a “marriage” of urban planning and public health. Those behind the plan think it could help to effectively end our nation’s obesity epidemic.
Head over and read all about this new idea; it’s one of the most exciting and promising things I’ve read in a while, and I think it really could work. More than that, it shows that we’re TRYING…people are trying to figure it out and make a difference. That’s why I love working for a gym; by designing and producing top-of-the-line hydraulic resistance equipment we are enabling more people in more areas to try to get into good shape, drop extra dangerous pounds, and reduce their risk for disease. Can’t beat that.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Taking a Trip To College Station

All I ever knew about College Station my whole life was that it was the home of Texas A&M. Last week I had a chance to take a trip through this lovely slice of the country, though, and was surprised to learn a few things about this city. So my apologies for giving this from my lowly Yankee perspective, but here's some observations.

Oh, and before I get started, after spending some time in the South I'll preface this with "thanks to all y'all who were so nice to me throughout my travels."

Look, there's a college called Corpus Christi College!

Anyhow, I'd ramble on some more, but needless to say, there's more to the town than just a slew of Aggies fans.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cheap Businesses Don't Get My Respect!

English: Dim Sim and Soy Sauce
You better appreciate that Soy Sauce, and that.. other thing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I go to fill up my gas tank at a local gas station that I never go to. This one always seems to be empty, and there's never a wait for gas here. I slide my credit card in the pump and proceed to fill up my tank. While I’m waiting, I go inside and grab a bottle of Pepsi. The bottle costs $1.39 and I don’t have any cash, so I take out my credit card to pay for it. The guy points to a sign and says “There’s a $0.50 charge for purchases under $5.00.”
I tell him I’m paying $50.00 for gas outside! I’m charging well over the $5.00 minimum. He’s says it’s a $5.00 minimum per charge. How ridiculous! I just left in amazement. I wish I could have unfilled my tank cause I’m obviously never coming back.
Why do some businesses lose customers over a few pennies. Was he not going to make a profit off the $1.39 Pepsi?
Here are some huge pet peeves of mine when it comes to cheap businesses.
1) I once went to a hamburger/hotdog place that charged extra for condiments. Seriously, it was like $0.10 for onions, $0.10 for relish, $0.10 for ketchup! The place was out of business a few months later.
2) Italian restaurants that don’t give you enough pasta. Come on! That’s the cheap part of the meal. Piling on the pasta gives the impression that you give huge portions.
3) Chinese restaurants that charge extra for sweet & sour or soy sauce packets on take out orders. Is it really costing you that much money? Are people just hoarding soy sauce so they don’t have to buy the bottle?
4) Fast food places that don’t let you get your own napkins. Then when you go ask for some they give you “one” napkin. Ok, how am I suppose to eat your greasy food with one napkin.
Any others?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Comedy Shows

English: Stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan after ...
English: Stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan after a performance at the State Theatre in Easton, Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Summer is the season to go to live shows, and there are quite a few great commedians coming to the Michigan area in the next few months. Here are a few of the big ones:

Jeff Dunham - Island Resort & Casino in Harris, MI
Jeff will be bringing his puppets along the road to Harris MI for the weekend after the 4th of July. He will be there July 13 and 14 and he's a great commedian you wouldn't want to miss if you're up in that area.

Jim Gaffigan - DTE Energy Music Theatre - Clarkston, MI
One of my all time favorites, he will be there on Saturday July 21. Known for his bacon and hot pocket jokes, Gaffigan also has appeared in movies.

Joan Rivers - Andiamo Celebrity Showroom - Warren, MI
I don't know all that much about Joan, but I've heard great things. It's hard to find commedians in the Fall, and she will be one of the last big ones to come to the Detroit area for a while.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Patch Adams Medical Humor

Film poster for Patch Adams (film) - Copyright...
Film poster for Patch Adams (film) - Copyright 1998,Universal Pictures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of my favorite Robin Williams movies from the 90s is the 1998 comedy "Patch Adams". Based on a true story, Robin Williams portrays a first year medical student who understands from his own history that one of the most powerful and effective medicines that any patient can receive is laughter and humor, however his nontraditional means and methods do not go over well with his teachers and instructors. They believe that doctors should never make emotional bonds with their patients as it can damage their emotions and motivation over the course of time.
Although received poorly by critics, the film was a huge success and grossed over twice the budget they used to make the movie. Unfortunately, the real Patch Adams did not think highly of the film, and criticized Williams for not portraying an accurate picture of the person he was. He argued that many parts of the film were cut out just to make more money, and many of the props and scenery of the hospital were not in the least bit accurate. Maybe if they had used real real equipment like surgical screws and other real medical equipment instead of balloons and fake noses Mr. Adams would not have been so upset.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Top Comedians, my opinion only

I hope I'm not opening a can of worms when I list my favorite stand up comedians of all time. I know people can be very picky about comedians, and not everyone's humor is the same. But here we go, here's my top 7 list. Why 7? Because everyone does a top 10.

1. Richard Pryor
2. Bill Hicks
3. Eddie Murphy
4. Steve Martin
5. Robin Williams
6. Denis Leary
7. Louis C.K.

I actually have a  very open sense of humor, and I like most comedians. As long as they are not annoying. By the way, I don't like Dane Cook. No one should.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stainless Steel

PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 17:  A general view of t...
Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
I was sitting around and wondering today what makes stainless steel stainless. So I thought I would look up the topic and write a quick article on it. Turns out, the big part of stainless steel is adding chromium to the outside of it. When you look at stainless stell, what you are really looking at is a coat of chromium with steel behind it. Because chromium is more precious and valuable than steel, the coating of chromium is only hundredths of an inch thick.
Many products today use stainless steel, including grills on the front of semi trucks, surgical instruments, handguns and valves, like this NBT stainless steel ball valve. Other famous things that have stainless steel on/in them are the Chrysler Building and the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.
To learn more about stainless steel and all their great physical properties, take a look at the Stainless Steel wikipedia page.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trench Shoring Accidents - Nothing Funny About it

Русский: Крепление распорное производства SBH ...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m quite amazed that I made it out of childhood all in one piece. Climbing trees, digging holes, and playing in underground tunnels were some of my favorite things to do outside. As a kid, you think everything in your environment is stable, unmovable and cannot hurt you in any way. Unfortunately, that holds true for adults. Deaths in the construction industry are higher than any other industry besides the fishing industry. A big part of that is because of trench cave ins, where workers build a trench for construction work, do not put up proper trench shoring equipment, and the walls of the trench cave in on them.
I became interested in the topic after reading a story in the New York Times about the staggering injuries and accidents, which really are accidents that can be easily avoided with proper equipment, training and knowledge about trenches. Unfortunately, since trench cave ins rarely ever occur, workers never take proper safety precaution when working in them. When a cave in does occur, it can bury any workers inside in over 10 feet of soil or gravel, and crush or suffocate them. 
If you ever work in a construction zone with trenches around, be sure they are reinforced with proper hydraulic shoring methods, and any road surrounding the area won't damage the trenches. There are many companies that offer trench shoring rentals that can help construction companies save a lot of money if they only need shoring equipment for one occurrence.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dumming Doun Tennissea

By now, I know that my readers recognize that I am a man who supports tradition. Yes Sir. (Or Ma'am.) The old ways are the best ways. (Except for no medical care, unstoppable epidemics, racism and sexism of course...unless they are rooted in tradition. Then I'm all for them.)

That's why I'm giving a tip of my Resistol cowboy hat to the great State of Tennessee (Motto: It's easier to spell than Mississippi.) for holding the line and not bowing to the pressures of certain - let us say - undesirables who might consider applying for state employment.

Tennessee, a State who's high school graduates consistently average in the bottom third of all States on the ACT College entrance examinations, has wisely decided not to allow home school graduates to take any State jobs that require a high school diploma.

Well Done Tennessee!

The reason for this is perfectly understandable. Since the State doesn't set the educational criteria for home schoolers, then obviously the State doesn't know if the home schoolers meet the same rigorous standards that apply to the State run schools! Case closed! Home schoolers won't be pulling the wool over the eyes of Tennessean officials. Any wool-pulling will be self-inflicted.

Of course, the usual piss and moaners will be certain to point out that since The State of Tennessee doesn't require a minimum grade point average for graduation, they really don't have any idea how proficient any given State high school graduate is.

Other whining nay-sayers will say nay by pointing out that home schooled kids in Tennessee kick the s**t (a nod to Cathouse Teri) out of the government school kids when it comes to everything but joint rolling and banana-condom installation.

But let's face it. Those 'D' average Tennessean graduates will need jobs too and private industry selfishly requires it's employees to be able to chew gum and make saliva at the same time. Fortunately, it appears that Tennessee State government jobs do not require actual electro-chemical nerve transmissions.

I mean, who says that a fire-fighter has to be smart, educated, or even sane? But, the thing he MUST have is a diploma from the State.

"It's almost as much fun as starting 'em Dude!"

And how important is being able to spell your name without a cheat card? A solid values system and a work ethic may be common to home schoolers, but of what use are attributes like these to police officers or day care workers?

"I'm on a nail break."

So congratulations Tennessee.

Even if you won't accept the best qualified applicants, at least you'll have the satisfaction of knowing your new hires won't be siphoned off by the private sector. And you'll be less likely to have employees concerned about corruption or malfeasance. They probably won't be able to spell, or define, either of those words.

Have a sweet weekend O my faithful readers! But if you run into any Tennessee government employees, speak slowly and use little words. Oh, and if you are feeling generous, you might give a click here at to help me get back up the ladder. Thanks!

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