Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beginning Again

Henry Rollins
Okay, now I know my brain is fried because I decided to start another blog. There is something in me when I procrastinate that says, "hey, why don't you create something totally new for yourself to do." So, today, as I struggled through proofing a collection of technology journal articles (I suggest that no one do this if there is a set of sharp knives within reach), I searched for, and found, two great blogs: The Dilbert Blog and Henry Rollins's Dispatches. Inspired by the hilarity of Scott Adams's posts, I whipped off three crappy cartoons of my own and realized that I had no idea how to draw. So, I searched how to draw on the Web and found a couple of great sites that taught drawing. I figured I would take one lesson a day and then I realized that I was procrastinating with no shame whatsoever.

What I am quickly realizing, is that I really need to find something I love doing or I am going to revert back to being a sedentary Nintendo-loving 12-year-old once again. So, I have decided that this freelance proofreading job will be my last (unless I am short on money for my project) and I will find something that I truly love to do (to make money at. If something like that is available. Otherwise, I will go back to selling myself out to the highest bidder and sitting for dozens of mind-numbing hours in front of this monitor)

Well, it's 3 a.m. That is when I told myself I would stop working on freelance, so it is just as good of a time to stop working on this post. Til next time.