Monday, September 23, 2013

Are Brain Surgeons Really Smarter Than The Rest Of Us?

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We have all grown up hearing the phrase "its not brain surgery" referring to something less than the ultimate thought-task. Are brain surgeons really all that smarter than the rest of us?

If a dishwasher had the right training couldn't he do brain surgery? Would a brain surgeon be able to run your Hobart instead of defaulting to the clavicle out of confused frustration?

I think I would much rather take my chances in the dish room with the surgeon at the end of the day, but I think I would also allow the dish man his degree upon completion. I do believe both would be up to the job. Often what we have come to believe is intelligence is based upon IQ or intelligence quotient scoring. New studies in IQ scoring has proven that we might all be able to be brain surgeons, and our IQ will even grow as we do so. No more should you think you might not be smart enough based on an IQ test. Get smarter. Raise Your IQ.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Why A Ford Focus Is A Smart Used Car Purchase

The average American buys 9.4 cars in their lifetime according to research by Polk. This number dropped from the previous average of 13 prior to the most recent recession. Obviously, people are being a little more cautious with their expenditures and this would seem to have extended to automotive purchases. So while there are many decision making factors in deciding which car to purchase, overall value is an increasing priority. Enter the Ford Focus.

Ford's resurgence in the automotive market has been well documented the past several years, but the reverie surrounding the brand doesn't seem to extend to some of the less sexy models like the Ford Focus. The Focus, however, deserves some attention in its own right and buyers in the used car market should take notice.

Focus on cost savings

For a compact sedan, you'll be hard pressed to find a model that gets better gas mileage. Depending on which model you purchase, the Focus can get up to 40 miles per gallon on the highway and 28 in the city. On top of the obvious savings in gas, the car is one of Ford's most produced models, so finding a deal on one is remarkably easy. Shopping online at a site like will provide plenty of options within your local area (and you can be very particular about price there as well). But even if you just want to shop at your local dealership, the cost of a Focus tends to be lower as the prevalence of the model motivates dealerships to move them often at discounted prices.An additional value point of the Focus is its reliability. If you purchase a Ford extended warranty there's additional piece of mind, but even then you're likely to run into less problems than you would in comparable cars.

Focus on safety

On top of the cost savings of choosing a Focus, the car is also one of the safest in its class. The standard focus comes with airbags for the driver and passenger, while many models also have additional side and curtain air bags to provide additional safety for all occupants. Another standard feature that increases the safety factor is traction control. If you live in a climate with inclement weather, traction control can be a life saver.

Focus on style

As mentioned above, the Focus is ubiquitous. So with a huge number of these cars on the road, and with a large assortment of models and styles, you can be fairly particular about selecting your style of trim. Some of Ford's greatest improvements with their cars the past few years has been the interiors, and the Focus is no exception. So if you're looking for a souped up interior with high tech features, you can find that in a Focus as well. As far as external styling, there are several options here as well including a hatchback model. No matter which internal or external features you're looking for, it's likely you can find it in a Focus.

While there's a nearly limitless selection of automotive options for buyers these days, it's understandable how difficult a purchase can be. But if a value is what your after, it's hard to go wrong with the Ford Focus.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Interesting Facts About Me

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In lieu of anything to say, I was tagged by my brother over at Music on Your Pizza at some point before finals, so I’m getting around to it now. I’m not going to tag anyone else (especially as any of you who read this have probably already gotten this one), but I’ll answer:

Meme premise: I am to list ten (somewhat) interesting and (relatively) unknown facts about me/opinions of mine/habits/etc. I am also to tag ten other people, but as I said, I’m not going to. Given that I’m not particularly forthcoming on this blog, this may be a big first, but so it goes….

1) I don’t actually like doing research, though I’ve worked in multiple labs over the years in different bioogical fields. Now that I’m in medical school, I’m very happy that I won’t have to do basic research ever again. Obviously, however, I like talking about it.
2) At one point, I did, in fact, have an investment license (and I was a public notary). Amusing.
3) I’ve always suspected that my father’s side of the family plays up their Scottish heritage more than is strictly true, but I’ve never cared enough to truly dispute it. I find it more entertaining to carry on the possible vast exaggeration than to be the whistleblower.
4) A nun once hit me on the head with a bible for falling asleep during a prayer service. I think it’s an even funnier event considering that I’m not Catholic, and never have been, but happened to go to a Catholic high school.
5) I paid WAY too much for a car warranty...WAY too much.
6) I often appear younger than my younger brother, so when we’re out together, I invariably get carded, while he does not. When he’s not around, I appear about as old as I am, but there’s something about his presence.
7) I’m convinced that if I work hard enough, I can grow almonds in Wisconsin.
8) I secretly love shoes, and if I ever have the money, I intend to have lots of them. I feel rather guilty about this, but it seems a harmless secret passion. The only real problem is that I tend to leave all my shoes by the door, having taken them off when arriving home.
9) I didn’t really have an interest in dolls as a child - I had My Little Ponies instead. Dolls seemed boring.
10) If I weren’t in medicine, I’d sort of love to be a bohemian artist. Of course, I realize it’s not all my mental image thinks it is, but I still sort of like it. For a little while.

As I said, no tags, but I didn’t want to be totally remiss in my “having-been-tagged” obligation.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Selecting the Best Sunscreen

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It is an established fact that broad spectrum sunscreen products help in staving off skin cancer and slow down the signs of growing old – the ideal means of keeping skin healthy & safe all through the year. And since we know that many of you are out on spring break at the moment, or are looking to get out on your pontoon boat in the sun this summer, we thought we would provide as much All these sunscreens snugly fit an exceptional lifestyle requirement while offering potent shielding from ultraviolet A as well as ultraviolet B rays.

Here is a compilation of the smartest new-fangled buys for effectual and hassle-free coverage.

Ideal for People with Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion by Coppertone is an ideal buy. The use of this product helped in bringing out notable improvement in reddishness and wrecked capillaries following four weeks of usage in one trial. The product costs around nine dollars and is obtainable at most medicine stores.

Ideal Moisturizing Product Plus Sun Protection

‘Aqualia Thermal Lotion’ SPF 30 Twenty-four Hour Hydrating Moisturizer by the Vichy Brand is a fine product for dabbing on the first thing in the mornings prior to stepping outdoors. It costs around twenty-eight dollars and available at many drug stores.

Ideal Age Defying Sun Block

The Age Shield Sun block with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 55 plus Repair by Neutrogena has soy as one of its chief constituents that helps in fading away brownish sun spots that have developed as a result of basking in the sun. The product costs around twelve dollars and available at a number of medicine stores.

Ideal for Mid-Day Touching Up

The Pro Sunforgettable SPF 50 by Colorescience is a powdery mineral-based sunscreen that could be brushed on over the facial and neck areas. It has a slight tint hence ensuring one does not skip out any areas – though the colour swiftly blends in for matching any skin tone. It costs around sixty dollars and could be procured at the site (no follow).

Ideal for Zit-Prone Skin Type

The Quik Gel Sport Spray with SPF fifty by BullFrog brand is a non-oily product that is just perfect for people prone to developing pimples and does not cause pore clogging. It costs around ten dollars and obtainable at a number of medical stores.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beginning Again

Henry Rollins
Okay, now I know my brain is fried because I decided to start another blog. There is something in me when I procrastinate that says, "hey, why don't you create something totally new for yourself to do." So, today, as I struggled through proofing a collection of technology journal articles (I suggest that no one do this if there is a set of sharp knives within reach), I searched for, and found, two great blogs: The Dilbert Blog and Henry Rollins's Dispatches. Inspired by the hilarity of Scott Adams's posts, I whipped off three crappy cartoons of my own and realized that I had no idea how to draw. So, I searched how to draw on the Web and found a couple of great sites that taught drawing. I figured I would take one lesson a day and then I realized that I was procrastinating with no shame whatsoever.

What I am quickly realizing, is that I really need to find something I love doing or I am going to revert back to being a sedentary Nintendo-loving 12-year-old once again. So, I have decided that this freelance proofreading job will be my last (unless I am short on money for my project) and I will find something that I truly love to do (to make money at. If something like that is available. Otherwise, I will go back to selling myself out to the highest bidder and sitting for dozens of mind-numbing hours in front of this monitor)

Well, it's 3 a.m. That is when I told myself I would stop working on freelance, so it is just as good of a time to stop working on this post. Til next time.