Monday, September 23, 2013

Are Brain Surgeons Really Smarter Than The Rest Of Us?

Raven's Progressive Matrices Example
We have all grown up hearing the phrase "its not brain surgery" referring to something less than the ultimate thought-task. Are brain surgeons really all that smarter than the rest of us?

If a dishwasher had the right training couldn't he do brain surgery? Would a brain surgeon be able to run your Hobart instead of defaulting to the clavicle out of confused frustration?

I think I would much rather take my chances in the dish room with the surgeon at the end of the day, but I think I would also allow the dish man his degree upon completion. I do believe both would be up to the job. Often what we have come to believe is intelligence is based upon IQ or intelligence quotient scoring. New studies in IQ scoring has proven that we might all be able to be brain surgeons, and our IQ will even grow as we do so. No more should you think you might not be smart enough based on an IQ test. Get smarter. Raise Your IQ.

Stay In School
Getting into education at an early age and staying in school longer than your peers will make your IQ score go up. Other factors such as how many days you miss, vacation breaks, and the courses you take all play a factor here, but the end result is more school means higher IQ scores. The surgeon might not be a surgeon because he's smarter, but he is smarter because he is s surgeon.

IQ Is Ruled By Common Sense
The type of intelligence that an IQ scores centers on is analytical intelligence. Practical knowledge is not taken into account, but might influence the scoring more than data skill sets in the end. Practical knowledge is the precursor needed to develop the analytical skills needed to increase IQ. A person can use common sense and structured training to acquire the information needed to raise their IQ. This plays common sense as the true trump card in IQ ability.

Become An Expert In Something
It has been proven statistically that even people with lower IQ scores can acquire specific knowledge of almost any task and perform as good and even better than those with higher IQ scores. In the business and employment world this is really refreshing. You IQ is not even a real barrier. So find something you like and excel at it. Just learning something in depth again helps your IQ, with the added bonus that it might not even matter.

You Are What You Eat
Fish is your friend. Omega 3 fatty acids might sound weird but they are the good guys when it comes to brain food. Cutting out artificial food additives and coloring has shown to improve cognitive ability as well. I know hindsight is 20/20, but making sure you were breastfed would have also given you an upper hand in the high IQ department. Yes, that is a hint for you parents out there. It is never too early to help your kids become a brain surgeon.


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